Division 2 – JohnHeavenTerry wins the British GP!

Like the Division one race, the Division 2 race was also hit with a few disconnections; we had a lot of drivers being kicked out due to game crashes and lag, leaving us with just 10 runners at the end of the race

Two safety cars were deployed during the race, which only helped the soft runners of that race, and made it easy to do a one stop. John’s Race was made easier, however, by the fact that his main rivals were all locked in battles or their tyre strategy didn’t suit or was messed up by the sudden appearance of the safety car.

“Rusty”, one of the new drivres, at one point seemed to have the win in the bad, till him and KR12 collided and gave John the benefit of cruising to the end while everyone else battled.

It has been a race full of great battles further down the gird and some bad tyres wear, and Kyr12 has now lost the lead of the championship by Finishing 5th at the British GP.

Now, over to Hungary, a track totally different from Silverstone and which should prove for a lot more different results. Thank you to all the drivers who took part in the race and we shall see you all soon at Hungary.

Post credits to JohnHeavenTerry


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