Division 2 -German and Belgian GP results!

Due to the admin being abroad last time, I wasn’t able to pay the rightful tribute to Woodyho, who won his first GP in Germany.
Here is the race post, along with the one of Belgium!


Woody gets his first win at the Hockenheim Track. He’s been knocking for a while for a win and it hasn’t came to him till now! This win means the gap to the top of the table is being closed down, due to the absence of JohnHeavenTerry that gave a chance to others to take advantage.
The lead at the top of the table is now down to 23 Points.
Overall Great Racing From Everybody , and onwards to the Belgium Grand Prix, which should prove to be an Exciting race for everybody.


Qualifying was a massive shakeup, with 3 of the 4 title contenders failing to set a lap in qualifying due to crashing or spinning off at Eau Rouge, meaning that oole was anyones to take, which was taken by one of the new racers KICKASSMATT.
He wasn’t slow ethier, getting off to a good start and flying off into the lead, soon caught up Rusty and JohnHeavenTerry after the safety car gave them a chance to put them within range leading off to a great battle before the first round of pits stops, it looked like Matt Might take the win, but soon Rusty took over.
A very good result none the less in second place for Matt, and a good Racing all round with only a few crashes during the race.
Hopefully next week we will have more drivers finishing.

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