Woodall Wins With Wet Weather- Division 2 Singapore Grand Prix


First of all a very hectic race which saw a Strange cross over period between slapping on the slick tyres or sticking to the intermediates, sadly for those who went on softs early, Most of them either went straight into the wall or got lapped by everyone, else on the field who decided to opt for the Intermediate tyres.
Apart from that there was penalties Galore around the field, with everyone getting at least one penalty, with only one driver managing to pick up the minimum of 1 Penalty in Kyr12 Who ironically gained a position from the driver in front of him getting Disqualified for corner cutting.
Onto Kyr12 who has now completely closed that Gap to JohnHeavenTerry with a Strong drive to a podium place in 3rd, He hasn’t given up, and the fight will go down to the last 5 races tied on points.
For those who finished Great racing, it was tough out there and you would of done well to finish!
Hope to see you all in Malaysia – DRS Team.

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