JohnHeavenTerry Wins at the Malaysian Grand Prix -Division 2

Down to a fairly mixed qualifying which started in rainy conditions which was forever drying, this had meant at the end of the session there was a rush to get to the line with little time left at the end of the race, A few of the early runners ended up in the wrong positions meaning they ended up starting from the back, Kyr12 to mention one of those people who was stranded in last place.

It looked to be an exciting race with mixed conditions set for the race, meaning having to start in the rain once more, but it had been shown to be a clear period for the rest of the race so getting the most of the tyres in the first stint proved to be the finishing positions for most people with all the drivers separated by a reasonable gap after the first pitstops.

But there was a few chases near the end, down to the fact everyone had a different strategy, but once again not many changes in places, its one thing to catch someone but to overtake is something else!

The first corner was the biggest mix up with a fair few broken wings, and drivers not being able to judge the braking zone as well, only resulting in two retirements which is one of the better races we’ve had in recent times!

The Gap at the top has now opened once again by 23 points due to the fact Kyr12 Got unlucky in qualifying, with only of couple of races remaining, Can Kyr12 get it together again in order to re close the gap? Or will he be overtaken by the up and coming Rusty?!

Find out Next week at Japan, which is definitely not a driver favorite down to the fact its one of the harder tracks to race on and very unforgiving.

-DRS Team


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