Rusty Wins Japanese Grand Prix

After coming off from a strong qualifying  Rusty  claims his second win of the season in a frantic Japanese Grand Prix, this has now moved him ahead of Kyr12 in the Championship leading him by a total of 7 points and closing that gap to JohnHeavenTerry in the process, with 4 races remaining can he close the gap to John?

Penalties Galore in this race down to the fact a lot of people kept exceeding track limits, with more than half the field getting more than 10 seconds in penalties,  which also played a big factor in the race win today as John Did cross the line first but had 10 seconds more time penalties than Rusty giving the race win into his hands

A quick few Snippets for the last 4 Races

-The Race for the top 5 is closing up again, with it looking like there is only one space left, which of our remaining drivers will get it?

-Can Kyr12 make the fight back? with dropping down to 3rd it seems as if his title race is all but over, but knowing Kyr hes still got something in the bag and will no doubt fight his best till the end of the season

-Cleanest race of the season with all drivers finishing the race, Nice driving to everybody who took part


Hope to see you all at the Next race in The USA! – DRS Team




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