Rusty Wins the United States Grand Prix!

The Cleanest driver wins the race, as Rusty was the only driver not picking up a penalty to go along with Commanding drive to the top step of the podium., Followed by JohnHeavenTerry, and a Splendid drive from Bilman who inherited the podium from BasicBoyle since he managed to pick up 21 seconds worth of penalties throughout the whole race.

Apart from that it wasn’t the best of races down to the fact 6 of the drivers didn’t even finish the race, most notably Balkanito who was involved with a lot of incidents in the race, which after the Stewards have decided, he has been given a penalty for the race due to Dangerous and very Unclean driving as well as Mixsois.  downgrading Balkanito to 11th and Mixsois to 10th Place, promoting Maldervich to 9th Place.

Hope to see you all soon in Mexico! – DRS Team


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