Spanias comes back winning! Division 1

With a spectacular race, dominated from the first to the last lap, Spanias comes back to winning a GP, strenghtening his position as leader of the division. Gladiator2011 confirms once again what a solid driver he is: had he joined at the beginning of the season, he would have fought along Spanias and Curtis for the title without any doubt. Itzbasti, who completes the podium, also confirms himself as one of the most interesting new drivers of the moment.

Note of the admins: recklessness and lack of attention have characterized this gp; we all hope, as admins, not to witness this behaviour anymore (and the admin who’s writing this post, marvinandroid85, includes himself in this) and to finish this season as it deserves to be.


Woodall Wins With Wet Weather- Division 2 Singapore Grand Prix


First of all a very hectic race which saw a Strange cross over period between slapping on the slick tyres or sticking to the intermediates, sadly for those who went on softs early, Most of them either went straight into the wall or got lapped by everyone, else on the field who decided to opt for the Intermediate tyres.
Apart from that there was penalties Galore around the field, with everyone getting at least one penalty, with only one driver managing to pick up the minimum of 1 Penalty in Kyr12 Who ironically gained a position from the driver in front of him getting Disqualified for corner cutting.
Onto Kyr12 who has now completely closed that Gap to JohnHeavenTerry with a Strong drive to a podium place in 3rd, He hasn’t given up, and the fight will go down to the last 5 races tied on points.
For those who finished Great racing, it was tough out there and you would of done well to finish!
Hope to see you all in Malaysia – DRS Team.

Singapore Division 1- itzbasti wins his first GP!

Itzbasti wins the street circuits of Singapore, after a tense  final laps battle with Spanias, where the Pole driver did not actually overtake the Cypriot but won due to total penalties.
As expected, the race saw many drivers crash out, among them Curtoise, who now sees his run for the title complicate. Will he reduce his gap from Spanias? There are only six races to find out, and we hope the battle for the title will be as dramatic as every F1 championship deserves to be!
Also, congratulations to Zhavior for his great battle for the 6th place, and for scoring points after a long time. Welcome back, buddy!

See ya all in Maleysia,

The DRS Team

Division 2 – Kyr12 is back in business and wins the Italian GP!

After Starting down in 7th Place, Kyr12 came back with some blistering pace and some very good strategy and takes the first place, followed by another great drive from BasicBoyle to come 2nd place followed by Rusty who gets another podium to his list.

The leader of the championship’s gap has been cut down by 15 more points, the season isn’t over yet and there’s still plenty of races for Kyr to come back.

JohnHeavenTerry ended up making a very serious mistake which nearly ended the race of him and Mixsios, it was a terrible collision which saw the pair go to the last two places of the grid which then proceeded a great recovery drive from them both to manage to get back deep into the points.

Another highlight of the race is Stiffler equalling his best finish so far, a comeback in form perhaps?

We shall see you all in the next race in two weeks time at Singapore!

DRS Team

gladiator2011 wins the home GP of Monza!

Monza, by far, has been one of the most exciting race of the season.
Not even a single lap was driven on a dry surface, the drivers managed to conduct a clean, fair race, with exciting dramatic turns of events, after the lead passed from Curtoise to Marvin, to Marvin to Spanias and, ultimately, to Gladiator2011, the newcomer driver from Italy.
As the title is now practically entirely a matter between Spanias and Curtoise, the battle for 3rd place is still open, with drivers like Stimpmson, Marvinandroid, Lakitu and Tico ready to fight till the end.
We’ll see each other in two weeks time after the S. Valentine’s break.

See you all in Singapore,

The DRS Team

Division 2 -German and Belgian GP results!

Due to the admin being abroad last time, I wasn’t able to pay the rightful tribute to Woodyho, who won his first GP in Germany.
Here is the race post, along with the one of Belgium!


Woody gets his first win at the Hockenheim Track. He’s been knocking for a while for a win and it hasn’t came to him till now! This win means the gap to the top of the table is being closed down, due to the absence of JohnHeavenTerry that gave a chance to others to take advantage.
The lead at the top of the table is now down to 23 Points.
Overall Great Racing From Everybody , and onwards to the Belgium Grand Prix, which should prove to be an Exciting race for everybody.


Qualifying was a massive shakeup, with 3 of the 4 title contenders failing to set a lap in qualifying due to crashing or spinning off at Eau Rouge, meaning that oole was anyones to take, which was taken by one of the new racers KICKASSMATT.
He wasn’t slow ethier, getting off to a good start and flying off into the lead, soon caught up Rusty and JohnHeavenTerry after the safety car gave them a chance to put them within range leading off to a great battle before the first round of pits stops, it looked like Matt Might take the win, but soon Rusty took over.
A very good result none the less in second place for Matt, and a good Racing all round with only a few crashes during the race.
Hopefully next week we will have more drivers finishing.

Division 1 – champanglhoff wins the Belgian Grand Prix!

After a thrilling race, the Danish driver that has survived more than a collision wins his first GP in great style.
The race was hosted my newcomer misterVinke11, who owns the greatest home connection on earth; however, and this is Codemasters to blame I suppose, the lobby was once again smeared by lag. I wonder when this shameful situation is going to end.

12 drivers managed to finish the race, which is always a good result.
Arrivederci a Monza,

The DRS Team