1- What we will like?
We all love to respect one another, whether we are racing on track or in a lobby.
What we look to see from? Is that we get all drivers to get involved in this league and stay updated constantly.
2 – Pre Race
2a – Race Preview: Every Wednesday or Thursday an admin will ask you guys questions about the race ahead, so its your job to stay updated as this can be vital as you may find weak points against a rival. Also this will have a track layout with key features added.

2b – Absence: If you can’t make the following race or later races, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can get a reserve in, if needs be (He will score points for the team but not for the drivers title unless he participate in more than 5 races). If you miss a few consecutive races without letting us know then servere penalties will be involved.

3 – Race Day

3a – The Lobby: The lobby will be hosted by an admin. If anyone else host then we will let all drivers know in advance. The lobby will open at 7.15, the session will start at 7:30. If you are late I will make sure we start on the bang on. If you give us a decent reason to delay the race by 5-10minutes, then you need to let us know in advance.

3b – Car Selection: It is down to the driver to be jn the right car. If you are not in thr right car then you will get the points for your drivers tally but you will give the team you drove for constructors points.

3c – Chat Room: You are all in the chat, if you leave it then it is your choice. But we will not be private messaging drivers key information, so if you leave then its your call.

3d – Race Format: All races run a short qualifying session of 18 minutes, followed by a race of 50% distance, the weather set to dynamic. Vehicle Damage will be set to simulation, this means we will have safety car and virtual safety car, also formation lap included.

3e – Race Times: All races are going to be set as official start time.

4 – Qualifying

4a – In/Out laps: When you are doing any of these then please show respect and move out of the way, you will not like if somone holds you up. Look on the mini map, every now and again.

4b – Setting a time: It is your choice whether or not to set a time as this is to plan with your strategy. But if you are in the top 10 with your fastest lap a bit like Q2 in real F1. The game will not let you change it anyway. If it comes to one-shot qualy then once again its up to you if you do not do it and what tyres you are on.

4c – Retirement: When you are retiring, please try to do it in a safe place and offthe racing line. When you retire do not destroy your car on purpose if you do this then there will be severe penalties. Any drivers crashing out on purpose will result in a DSQ.

4d – Parc Ferme: Will be on while league races are happening, which means you cannot change your car setup between qualifying and the race. Only what is recommended.

5 – Disconnection

5a – During Qualifying: Within the 1st few minute of qualifying has started if someone disconnects the lobby will be re-open, this is only happening once. If any one disconnects after 5 minutes then, we will not create a new lobby, you’ll have number of invites sent to you to rejoin.

5b – Qualifying track limits: In all honesty it do not matter cause if you corner cut the gsme will invalid that lap, so there is no need to punish even more as it is on strict. If it don’t and we see, this will add time to the end of the race.

5c – After Qualifying: If anyone disconnect then you will start from the back.

5d – Weather Settings: If a driver disconnects with the rule above the lobby will be re done with the weather what to expect for the race, if it is rain all race, then it’ll be this case, if its clear then it’ll be set to that, if number of weathers then that is what it will be set as. This is all down to the league.

5e – Lobby Collapse: If this happens it will be restarted from the beginning but still race until it has been created. But slight rule change with one-shot qualifying and the weather will be set to what us admins saw as provisional weather for the race.

6 – The Race

6a – Race Times: F1 2016 can now have change of day on the game but this will not happen it will be its official race times.

6b – Going to Track: Please do not ready up give it at least a few minutes to sort race strategy out and toilet breaks. It will be all down to the host to start it.

6c – Tyres: This is the rules in the game anyway, you will need to use a set option and prime tyres for the race, if you do not use this then the game will tell you to pit, but if this does not show up, then you will recieve a penalty. If the wet tyres are required during a race, the rule will be no longer much use.

6d – Race Start/First Lap: As you know we require you guys to be easy on the 1st corner and 1st lap. Overtakes can be done but be aware, what is happening around you.

6e – Driving: When you are driving, please drive with respect, do not take people out for fun and do not hold up faster car, defend your place if needs to be but do not defend dirty.

6f – One movement: Please keep it to 1 line if defending. If you do more than 1, then a small penalty will occur. Any driver that is defending give the attacker 1 car width of space.

6g – Corner Cutting/Track Extending: Once again this is where the game sorts it out but please all drivers must keep two wheels within the track limits. You will know if you are in the wrong as the game sill give 3 warnings then it will be given as a time penalty, there is no need to punish you further. This also include to the pit lane entry and exit, will give you a 5 second stop go penalty.

6h – All drivers incidents that is being reported you have until Wednesday at 5pm UK time to post anything that can e sortedin the office also we canwithdraw any penaltues that is harshly given to you. Any incident reported after 5 then nothing will occur. Please if you get a penalty for an added bit then we are sorry but it is racing accept it and move on, any arguments then it will result to a qualifying ban.

6i – Reset to track: We will not allow this so drive back on to track with caution. Any driver resetting itself will be added a 10 second penalty.

6j – Retirements: The place we want you to is retire in the pits so it does not bring any kind of safety car out. You can not destroy your car on purpose in order to retire. If you do this then you will get a penalty.

6k – Formation Lap: Every driver we expect is to do this lap. Please stay focused doing this and obviously do what you have to do.

6l – Manual starts: For this years game we must get you guys to do manual starts.

6m – Pit Assist: Pit Assist is vital once again it is restricted to do this manually.

7 – Post Race

7a – Race Results: The person in the lobbies will be taken pictures of any standing and then this will be added towards points.

7b – Classification/Points System: The points will be the same as F1, any driver who retires with in the points will not be getting them. If a driver purposefully crashes with 5 laps to go and know they can not be caught by the car behind will be classified as a DSQ. If a driver has completed 95% and the points will stand.

8 – The Title & Race Calendar

8a – Calendar: The Calendar is up and running on the website before the if you chose to move a race to a later date then we will let everyone know.

8b – Drivers or Constructors Standings: The drivers at the top of the pile is crowned winners. If level on points then the most 1st places takes it and if you joint on that most 2nd and finally same applies to 3rd.

The three admins of the league are to judge the footage that you will provide of the incidents.
There will be set a score between 1-25: depending on how bad the incident was, the judges will assign a score.
If the score is equal or above 15, the driver will be penalized with a qualification ban.
If the score is equal to 25, the driver will be penalized with a race ban.